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March 6, 2023

PIAA Philippines Introduces New Rugged, More Powerful LPX Sport Lamps

PIAA Philippines is announcing the availability of the new PIAA LPX Lamp Series. The LPX Sport Lamps come with an intricately more rugged aesthetic and brighter illumination to satisfy the outdoor lifestyle image of off-roading and overloading aficionados, and is perfect for any outdoor adventure.

May 25, 2021

PIAA Philippines Adds Security Feature To Ensure Authenticity of OTO Style Horns

After a rash of fake PIAA OTO Style Horns flooded the market, PIAA Philippines has now taken steps to ensure that what its customers receive is the genuine article.

March 10, 2021

PIAA Philippines Warns People of Fake OTO Horns Flooding the Market

PIAA Philippines is issuing a warning to consumers who might be misled into purchasing fake PIAA OTO Style Horns. This comes as the official distributor as been alerted of counterfeit horns entering the market.

September 3, 2020

Protect Your Engine from Nasty Metal Shavings with the PIAA Twin Power Magnet Oil Filter

Car maintenance shouldn’t take a backseat, even if the country is going through an on-again, off-again lockdown. Since most of us have gotten back on the road, one way or the other, it’s important to keep your car’s fluids fresh to make sure everything runs smoothly.

March 3, 2020

These Shavings Can Potentially Ruin Your Life (and How to Protect Yourself)

What you’re looking at is something that can ruin your life. And no, before you get any silly ideas, this isn’t the close up of someone’s pubes. Instead, what you’re looking at are fine metallic particles that shave off tiny bits of your engine one revolution at a time.

July 10, 2019

One of These Light Bars Is Not Like the Others

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs has become the wonderchild of automotive headlight technology. Praised for their more compact size and smaller power draw, they’ve made possible a lot of new lighting applications in today’s cars such as adaptive headlights, sequential signal lights, and auxiliary driving lamps.

May 29, 2019

PIAA Silicone Wipers is the First Safety Upgrade I Invested In

Wipers aren’t sexy and chances are, when you buy one you won’t be running around in excitement. Despite its important role in improving safety, most wait for a downpour to recognize that their wipers are cracked and tattered, and need changing.

May 7, 2019

PIAA's New OTO Style Horn is Gift-Ready at Just P 900!

After launching it at the Manila International Auto Show, PIAA Philippines announces the availability of its OTO Style Horn. It will soon be on sale at Blade Auto Center branches and other leading car accessory shops nationwide.

April 3, 2019

PIAA to Introduce Two Value-Oriented Products at MIAS

PIAA Philippines is introducing two new value-oriented products for the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS): the OTO Style Horn and the all-weather Hyper Arros LED light bulb. Designed with the sensibilities of developing markets in mind, these two products aim to boost PIAA’s presence in the premium mass market sector while also appealing to those who look for brand and style.

Translated as “Sound” in Japanese, the OTO Style Horn features the same PIAA quality and standards at a lower price point. It successfully complies with various ECE and JIS standards including:
  • Temperature Test: sound remains the same at 80 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius
  • Salt Spray Test: no corrosion despite being exposed to salt water
  • Water Endurance Test: sound remains the same after water is sprayed from 360 degrees
  • Endurance Test: sound remains the same at 100,000 times and at 500,000 times, sound should not have dropped more than 5 decibels.

In fact, during its testing phase, the OTO Style Horn functions even after 1 million cycles
This twin-pack horn (it’s sold as a set) features deep bass note, with a sound frequency of 400Hz + 500Hz and a maximum output of 112 dB. For MIAS, it will be on sale for around P 1,200 a set.

Another product designed with developing market sensibilities in mind is the Hyper Arros all-weather LED light bulb.

With a color temperature of 4000K, it produces a neutral white-colored beam mimicking the color generated by a standard halogen bulb, but with a higher output and less power consumption (20 watts for the H4). This makes it less straining on the eye, especially due to constant reflections, especially in bumper-to-bumper traffic. According to PIAA, it also does better in excessively dusty or heavy downpour compared to 6000K and 8000K bulbs. Another added bonus is that it improves the visibility of classic or vintage vehicles without changing the retro look or feel.

The Hyper Arros all-weather LED light bulb is available in a variety of sizes such as H4, HB3, HB4, HIR1, HIR2, H8, H9, H11, H16, and H7 and will be previewed at MIAS. It will be available for retail by the end of April at outlets that carry PIAA.

December 4, 2018

PIAA Lighting Solutions Help Toyota Gazoo Racing Clinch WRC Manufacturer's Crown

After its successful comeback in 2017, Toyota Gazoo World Rally Team successfully cliched the Manufacturer’s crown in the World Rally Championship (WRC). One of their technical partners is PIAA—provider of the rally team’s lighting system for their Yaris WRC race car. Reflecting on their achievement this year, PIAA Philippines’s Aldrich Sacdalan had this to say: “We are proud of this achievement, and it reflects PIAA’s strong partnership with Toyota, and its trust in our lighting systems.”

June 1, 2018

Upgrade to a Streak-Free Wipe with PIAA Si-Tech Wipers

The rainy season is upon us once more and with that comes unpredictable weather. Make the first upgrade to your car by switching to PIAA Si-Tech flat wiper blades.

February 13, 2017

PIAA Helps Toyota Return Back to Winning Ways in WRC

Toyota returned to the winner’s circle in the World Rally Championship (WRC) for the first time since Rally China in 1999. After finishing second in the opening Monte Carlo Rally last January, the Yaris WRC scored its first win at the Rally Sweden with Jari-Matti Latvala in the driver’s seat.

June 25, 2016

PIAA Provides World-Class Illumination Solutions

Established in 1963 with the commitment to provide the market with world-class driving lights, PIAA has become the standard for lighting technology for both consumer and motorsport illumination requirements.

December 9, 2015

4 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Car Guy

Christmas is just around the corner and while there are some of us who’re lucky enough to have completed their gift shopping early on, there are some who’re still clueless on what to give. And while it’s easy to shop for friends who’re epicureans or fashionistas, what do you give the self-confessed car guy? Well, this year, I suggest you give air fresheners a break and go for one of these wonderful gift ideas, all of which I don’t mind seeing under the Christmas tree for myself.