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March 3, 2020

These Shavings Can Potentially Ruin Your Life (and How to Protect Yourself)

What you’re looking at is something that can ruin your life. And no, before you get any silly ideas, this isn’t the close up of someone’s pubes. Instead, what you’re looking at are fine metallic particles that shave off tiny bits of your engine one revolution at a time.

When car buyers look for better engine protection, the first (and likely, the only thing) in their mind is going for Grade A motor oil. And while the benefits of a good motor oil are well-documented, this is just a part of the puzzle. What if we tell you that you’ve been overlooking an important part of your engine—one that could use an upgrade as well?

What is this part? It’s the engine oil filter.

As far as engine upgrades go, oil filters aren’t necessarily the sexiest mod out there. That said, it plays an important role in keeping the engine free from contaminants that can accumulate over time. See, if engine oil is left unfiltered, it could become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear the surfaces of your engine, like in the lead photo above.

Despite its crucial role in protecting the engine, it’s funny (and surprising) how oil filter technology hasn’t changed for some time. The typical design uses a synthetic fiber that traps metal particles, and that’s about it. As the filter gets clogged, they’re replaced at fixed intervals.

Realizing that this sort of protection doesn’t go far enough, the boys at PIAA has come up with the Twin Power Oil Filter.

Aesthetically, it looks like any oil filter, but there are big differences inside.

First up, an enlarged oil inlet port achieves 170 percent better engine oil flow compared to an OE filter. This reduces the risk of power loss, even when the engine oil or oil filter’s nearing the end of usable service life.

Next is its proprietary two-layer filtration system (20 microns and 10 microns) that balances both flow and filtration, achieving 150 percent better filtration than the standard OE filter.

Finally, sandwiching the two filter elements is a high-power 1,000 gauss magnet. Capable of working in excess of 300 degrees Celsius (or hotter than the operating temperature of a car’s engine), it traps any metal debris that finds its way into the filter rather than allowing it to simply pass through right back into the engine.

With all the added benefits, it’s a pleasant surprise to know that the PIAA Twin Power Oil Filter won’t break the bank. Its prices start at a reasonable P 980—similar to prices the casas charge you with. And even if you find its less-than-a-thousand-peso pricier than your current non-name filter, just look at the lead photo again to remind you that these metallic particles are currently floating in your engine oil just waiting to create a mess. You surely want to stay protected, right? Right?

The Made in Japan PIAA Twin Power Oil Filter is now available with mostly Japanese fitments (European, American, Korean not so much). For availability and pricing, contact PIAA Philippines through their official Facebook page or drop them a text at +63 917 5754812.

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