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March 24, 2020

Geely's COVID-19 Marketing is Getting Out of Hand

There are great measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 such as Work from Home (WFH), proper personal hygiene, regular sanitation, and social distancing; then there are useless gimmicks like this.

Geely was on the right track in communicating how they’re fighting disease using their advanced air filtration system and even implementing stringent health checks on anyone entering any of their plants. But the idea of drones delivering your car keys? Sorry, we’re not sold on this.

Just to be clear, the motive behind this is great—it furthers the distance between Geely’s staff and a potential COVID-19 carrier, sorry, customer. But having drones dropping off car keys directly to an owner’s door or balcony is just adding another potential problem in the already complicated car buying experience. What if the drone drops it off by mistake at the wrong door/balcony? What if the drone fizzles out and drops the key, or loses it midflight? What if the customer insists on having the key placed at the palm of his hand, and instead has his fingers lopped off? Boy, those are potential Weibo complaints waiting to happen.

Sorry Geely, but we think you’ve taken this entire COVID-19-related marketing way too far. We love you and all, but please, dial it back to something a tad more realistic?

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