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March 19, 2020

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra Will Allow You to Swap Your Car Keys for a Smartphone App

Aside from debuting an all-new platform and a striking new look, Hyundai is pushing tech as one of the Elantra’s key pillars. And one of its more unusual features is this: the Hyundai Digital Key.

Found already in the Sonata, the Elantra will be the first compact sedan that will allow owners to swap their traditional car key for a smartphone app. Using a dedicated mobile app, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tech, the Elantra can be unlocked, started, and driven even without a physical key present.

Currently applicable for Android smartphones (tough luck Apple boys), the Digital Key also allows friends and family to “share keys” securely.

Owners can tailor the different vehicle functions available to each shared virtual key, and the key can be made available for only a defined amount of time. The vehicle owner can preset the duration of vehicle use or limit the use to only certain features when loaning the vehicle, and keys can also be revoked remotely.

And for additional convenience, such as using a valet service or visiting a dealer, the Hyundai Digital Key also works with an NFC card, which is provided with each vehicle.

Hyundai says the tech is secure since it uses Near Field Communication or NFC. NFC wireless data communication takes place only when the device and the reader are placed several centimeters apart.

Of course, the Elantra will still come with a set of traditional keys for those who don’t want to go this high-tech route.

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