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March 12, 2020

To Battle COVID-19, Subaru Will Go to You For Test Drives

During the launch of the Forester GT Edition, the Motor Image Pilipinas marketing team were clearly sweating buckets, and it’s not because they had the COVID-19 virus. It was more because of their 2020 target: 40 percent higher Forester sales with the launch of the sportier-looking GT Edition.

Assuming Motor Image Pilipinas does 200 units a month, the Forester and Subaru XV account for a vast majority of it—around 70 percent; that’s about 140 units per month. Even if we split Forester and XV sales evenly, that’s about 70 units. In short, a 40 percent growth target equates to an additional 28 units per month. That’s a lot!

With the Taal Ashfall and now, the COVID-19 outbreak sure to dampen market sentiment (at least for the first part of 2020), how will Motor Image Pilipinas achieve this high growth in sales, particularly with the Forester compact SUV?

When asked about it, Mr. Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Tan Chong International, the parent company of Motor Image says that right now, he doesn’t see any long-term effects of COVID-19 sales-wise. He says it’s more of the public’s unwillingness to go out to a dealership that will hamper sales, especially as COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the Philippines.

To combat this concern, Motor Image Pilipinas is embarking on a unique program that will have their sales consultants actually visit the would-be customer in an area of his choosing—be it at his residence or workplace. The sales consultants can then allow the customer to actually look at, and test drive the vehicle of his choice then and there. This limits the number of trips a customer would need to make to a dealership just to buy a car.

Moreover, preventive measures are in place at all Subaru dealerships including the frequent disinfection of the facilities, showroom units, demo units, and even temperature checks on everyone who enters and exits the premises. Furthermore, they’ve providing alcohol and hand sanitizers to everyone who visits their showrooms.

To book a sales consultant visit, customers can fill out this Test Drive form or contact their nearest Subaru dealership here.

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