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April 3, 2019

PIAA to Introduce Two Value-Oriented Products at MIAS

PIAA Philippines is introducing two new value-oriented products for the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS): the OTO Style Horn and the all-weather Hyper Arros LED light bulb. Designed with the sensibilities of developing markets in mind, these two products aim to boost PIAA’s presence in the premium mass market sector while also appealing to those who look for brand and style.

Translated as “Sound” in Japanese, the OTO Style Horn features the same PIAA quality and standards at a lower price point. It successfully complies with various ECE and JIS standards including:
  • Temperature Test: sound remains the same at 80 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius
  • Salt Spray Test: no corrosion despite being exposed to salt water
  • Water Endurance Test: sound remains the same after water is sprayed from 360 degrees
  • Endurance Test: sound remains the same at 100,000 times and at 500,000 times, sound should not have dropped more than 5 decibels.

In fact, during its testing phase, the OTO Style Horn functions even after 1 million cycles
This twin-pack horn (it’s sold as a set) features deep bass note, with a sound frequency of 400Hz + 500Hz and a maximum output of 112 dB. For MIAS, it will be on sale for around P 1,200 a set.

Another product designed with developing market sensibilities in mind is the Hyper Arros all-weather LED light bulb.

With a color temperature of 4000K, it produces a neutral white-colored beam mimicking the color generated by a standard halogen bulb, but with a higher output and less power consumption (20 watts for the H4). This makes it less straining on the eye, especially due to constant reflections, especially in bumper-to-bumper traffic. According to PIAA, it also does better in excessively dusty or heavy downpour compared to 6000K and 8000K bulbs. Another added bonus is that it improves the visibility of classic or vintage vehicles without changing the retro look or feel.

The Hyper Arros all-weather LED light bulb is available in a variety of sizes such as H4, HB3, HB4, HIR1, HIR2, H8, H9, H11, H16, and H7 and will be previewed at MIAS. It will be available for retail by the end of April at outlets that carry PIAA.

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