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April 29, 2019

Would You Have Preferred the Kia Forte or the Chinese Market Kia K3?

Kia Philippines sprung a surprise at the Manila International Auto Show by reviving the Forte compact sedan for the local market, including the introduction of a high-performance variant, the Forte GT. But what if, just what if, they decided to look to China like they did the Soluto? We’d be getting the all-new Kia K3 instead.

The Kia K3 may be based off the Forte platform, but it’s designed and engineered with the Chinese market in mind. It gets a unique exterior design and some China-specific technologies and functionality.

Kia says that the K3 is characterized by smooth, sculpted surfaces and sharp, precise lines. Unlike the more conservative looking Forte though, the K3 does exhibit a more powerful front-end with that giant maw of a grille (it actually looks like a Maserati) and what Kia calls “heartbeat” lighting signature in its LED head- and taillights.

Even more interesting is that the K3 is offered with two 4-cylinder gasoline engines: a 1.5-liter normally-aspirated one with 115 horsepower and a 1.4-liter turbocharged one with 130 horsepower. In addition to these regular internal combustion engine variants, the K3 will also debut a plug-in hybrid version. The K3 Plug-In Hybrid will have a slightly tweaked exterior for better aerodynamic efficiency. Its all electric range is pegged at 65 kilometers.

Oh, and marking the K3’s launch in China, Kia also announced that they will go racing with the K3 in the China Touring Car Championship or CTCC.


  1. K3 looks better and should be much cheaper than the Forte

  2. Always the global model better, there must be a reason why the K3 in Korea is our Forte and not the chinese one.


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