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April 18, 2023

2024 Lexus LM: This Is It

Lexus has unveiled the all-new, second-generation LM. Beginning with the luxury MPV’s key market of China, it will be sold in over 60 countries, including Europe, Japan, and yes, the Philippines.

The “Luxury Mover” features an enhanced platform with a torsional rigidity increased by 50 percent with the use of structural adhesives for the upper body and floor as well as braces on the radiator support, rear underfloor, and straight rocker structure. Countermeasures against exterior noise were implemented using acoustic glass, thicker sound-absorbing, and vibration-dampening material.

For the first time, Lexus uses an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with a frequency-sensitive piston valve. This provides an excellent ride quality by dampening and reducing vibration. Moreover, there’s a “Rear Comfort” drive mode that prioritizes rear-seat comfort by reducing the swaying motion during acceleration and deceleration.

In terms of powertrain, the all-new Lexus LM drops its V6 engine in favor of either a normally-aspirated or turbocharged hybrid engine. These 4-cylinder engines are available in either front- or all-wheel drive. Lexus has yet to confirm their outputs, but expect it to be close to the Lexus RX where the normally-aspirated 2.5 delivers 246 horsepower and 316 Nm of torque, while the turbocharged 2.4-liter variant does 371 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

Design-wise, the Lexus LM reflects a function-first design. Yet, it continues the brand’s Spindle Body visual identity. They have done so applying the body color to the grille. This makes the grille seam like an integral part of the body. Reduced body panel gaps also contribute to improved aero and cooling performance. Wheel sizes are either 225/65R17 or 225/55R19s. Dimensionally, the 2024 LM is larger: 5,125 mm long, 1,890 mm wide, and 1,955 mm tall (wheelbase at 3,000 mm). This makes it 85 mm longer, 40 mm wider, and 10 mm taller than the current Lexus LM.

Inside, the all-new Lexus LM continues with an lounge-like cabin with a generous ceiling height. The 6- and 7-seat versions focus on a spacious feel and excellent visibility, with expansive trim and overhead consoles throughout the cabin. Meanwhile, the 4-seat model raises the level of personalization and privacy, featuring a partition equipped with a 48-inch wide-screen display in front of the rear seats. A retractable glass partition above the display separates the front and rear compartments while offering a clear forward view, and assist grips provide easy entry and exit. The retractable table, which fits inside the armrest, is large enough to rest a tablet device or notebook PC. It has a leather-wrapped surface with improved texture and a non-slip, non-scratch finish.

The speakers, refrigerator, storage compartments, and other functions are integrated into the design elements, while great care has been taken to minimize the panel gaps between components. The side window graphics are also simple rectangles and every component of the interior has been designed to reduce visual noise, resulting in a relaxing environment for all passengers. Additionally, large independent seats comfortably envelope the body, with the aim of providing a sense of comfort that frees the body and mind the moment the person sits down.

To optimize comfort, Lexus engineers paid careful attention to seats to provide a more relaxed posture. The front seats distribute body pressure evenly through the seat cushion, regardless of cornering force. For the second-row seats use two types of shock absorbing material to envelop and support he passengers.

Among the other features found in the Lexus LM include 64 interior ambient colors, with 14 of them thematic. A Rear Climate Concierge, a Lexus first, provides integrated control of elements such as air-conditioning, seat position, sunshades, and lighting to the back seat area using a detachable touchscreen controller located on the console armrest of the second-row seats.

In terms of safety, it will come with Lexus Safety System+ which includes Pre-crash Safety, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Alert. It also introduces two new systems: Abnormal Driver Response and Proactive Driving Assist.

Abnormal Driver Response detects whether a driver is physically impaired during lane tracing assist. If the system detects that driving becomes to difficult, it will gradually decelerate the vehicle and flash the hazard lights. Meanwhile, Proactive Driving Assist adds steering and braking support when the vehicle is too close to pedestrians, bicycles, or parked vehicles.

The Lexus LM also comes with an e-Latch system with an easy closer on the front doors. Both the front and sliding doors are equipped with Safe Exit Assist (with Door Open Control) (SEA), which detects vehicles and bicycles approaching from behind, providing a warning notification and preventing the doors from opening.

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  1. Engines are getting smaller but prices are getting more expensive. Automakers are making a lot more money.


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