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Monday, April 24, 2023

GAC Group's Van Life Concept Flexes International Design Prowess

In a bid to show off an internationalized strategy, the GAC Group unveiled the second concept car in its Car Culture series: Van Life.

Unveiled at the 2023 Milan Design Week, it follows the Barchetta which was revealed during GAC R&D Center Europe’s studio opening in October last year.

The Van Life show cases how the GAC Group can create a unique design fully optimizing the more efficient packaging that only an EV powertrain can provide. The result is a compact, streamlined van that provides a large interior space.

The GAC Van Life focuses on using and reusing recycled waste materials such as plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Moreover, it incorporates a solid-state battery making it lightweight and range efficient. Its unique wheel tread system also allows it to maintain traction on various terrain such as mud, sand, and rocky surfaces. An autonomous driving function can also take over driving even in remote locations using the position of the stars in the sky for navigation.

Meanwhile, inside the design uses an Orbital Frame concept that enables the easy attachment of various items. This can range from basic items such as bags and smartphones to customized items like trays and even a hammock. On the side of the car, benches can be folded and slid out allowing passengers to take in and enjoy the surrounding the landscape.

The GAC Group has built a global R&D network with GAC R&D Center as the core, supported by centers in the US, Europe, and Shanghai. The design team is also global spanning Guangzhou, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Milan.

GAC is also expanding its overseas markets and has assembled an international R&D talent team of over 5,000 people from 15 countries and regions worldwide. GAC has completed deployments in 29 countries and regions in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

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