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April 11, 2023

Upcoming MINIs Will Have A Virtual Bulldog As An In-Car Assistant

Mini will take a playful approach when it comes to in-car personal assistant by announcing that he’ll be taking the form of a dog named Spike.

The bulldog will be central to Mini’s new operating concept. The Mini Intelligent Personal Assistant as Spike is formally known, can provide various forms of support such as adjusting in-car settings using natural speech (no word if Spike will understand doggo). He will will appear in Mini’s next-generation models, specifically in the circular OLED central display and dashboard.

Spike has been accompanying Mini since 2001. The bulldog, with its compact and powerful stature, British heritage and likeable nature was considered the perfect animal equivalent of the Mini even at the time.

For the Mini community, the design team developed Spike from an initial sketch to a versatile companion that draws attention beyond just the vehicle.

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