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April 12, 2023

Chinese Brand Jaecoo To Enter Philippine Market Before End 2023

Yet another Chinese car brand is entering the country: Jaecoo. Confirmed by the Chery Automotive Group, the off-road-centric brand will share the same roof as Omoda, yet another Chinese vehicle brand entering the country later this year.

Jaecoo, which will launch its first production vehicle, the Jaecoo 7 at the Auto Shanghai (teaser photos are seen below), will be a brand focused on tough, off-road vehicles.

The exact Philippine launch timing is still to be determined, but the two brands will share the same retail space, even if their purpose and target customer are vastly different.

Omoda has confirmed that it they will offer three vehicles initially: Omoda 5 Turbo compact SUV, the Omoda 5 EV, and the Jaecoo 7.

By the time the brand launches, the Omoda/Jaecoo brands will have eight showrooms located in key cities around the Philippines with expansion plans expected to continue into 2024.


  1. Chery, Omoda, Jetour, Jaecoo, Exeed - Chery seems they want a divide & conquer strategy but honestly introducing too much brands with weak and little to no value will further confuse consumers.

  2. The more the merrier...if it will be too crowded, sooner or later some will close shops (helow maxus) in the end of the day "matira matibay"

  3. A car is only as good as it's local distributor. Up till now still no info on the company that's bringing Omoda to the PH.

  4. Hmmm... Seems Jaecoo sounds like J.Co, Chery really likes Donuts so much.


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