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April 12, 2023

JBL, Infinity Now Under A New Exclusive Philippine Distributor

JBL and Infinity marks a new chapter for Filipino audiophiles as the car audio specialists are now under a new exclusive distribution partner. The two brands, which are under Harman International, offer distinct listening experiences.

JBL Car Audio embodies the personality of a live concert experience aligned with their tagline, “Loud & Clear.” With that, the signature characteristic of a JBL system is the experience of a sound stage, leaning towards performance and bass. On the other hand, Infinity Car Audio, puts emphasis on bringing out the finer musical details and characteristics. This makes it preferred by listeners of jazz and instrumentals, the blues, or vocal tracks.

Initially, the new exclusive distributor is bringing in three JBL speaker systems and three Infinity speaker systems.

For JBL, it starts out with the JBL Club. Meant to fit most factory speaker locations, it’s a step up from OE speakers making it perfect for car audio beginners. When newbies are ready to step up, there’s the JBL Club SQ which produces a richer sound quality experience. At the top is the JBL Stadium. This top-of-the-line hi-fi system is designed to bring out the iconic JBL sound through multi-element speakers and component systems.

On the other hand, the Infinity line starts out with the Infinity Reference. With the Reference, listeners can expect the same signature Infinity sound and clarity from coaxial and component speakers that are optimized to fit most factory speaker locations. For those with a deeper appreciation for sound quality, there’s the Infinity Kappa which delivers deep, robust bass and excellent detail delivery. It’s also known for its aesthetic featuring a two-tone component and tweeter design. Finally, there’s the Kappa Perfect, the brand’s premium flagship that offers high power handling, high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) capability, and unparalleled response.

In order to appreciate the line of JBL and Infinity sound systems, the new exclusive distributor will participate at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) from April 13 to 16, where they will exhibit two vehicles set-up and tuned by EMMA Philippines custom installers.

To learn more about JBL and Infinity, follow them through their official Facebook (JBL and Infinity) and Instagram (JBL and Infinity) pages.

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