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April 26, 2023

2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Will Come With TikTok, Selfie Camera Built In

You are looking at the last new Mercedes-Benz model built on an internal combustion engine platform. With that, the German carmaker is pull out all the stops to make the all-new E-Class serve as a bridge between combustion and electric; tradition and digitalization.

Continuing with its classic three-box sedan proportions, the E-Class gains a longer wheelbase (2,961 mm) and wider tracks compared to its predecessor. The “cab-backward” design creates a long hood and a short front overhang. The grille now features a black panel-like surface that connects with the LED headlights. The side has flush-fitting door handles and wheel sizes that go up to 21 inches. At the back, it gets a two-section LED light cluster with a star motif.

Inside, the experience is headlined by the MBUX Superscreen. The large glass surface glass area, detached from the driver’s digital display, can be made to visually link with an optional front passenger screen creating a dashboard made almost entirely of monitors.

This also allows the E-Class to come with native apps such as TikTok and Angry Birds as well as Zoom. The ZYNC entertainment portal, meanwhile, allows for video streaming, on-demand content, sports, news, and more projected on both the central and passenger displays. Another new feature is a selfie and video camera.

Being a Mercedes-Benz, it’s almost understood that occupant comfort is prioritized, and here, that’s seen in more headroom for the front occupants, while the rear occupants gain both knee and elbow room. In fact, it’s almost at S-Class level.

In addition, to prevent possible car sickness (probably from playing too much Angry Birds), the E-Class has an anti-travel sickness program that uses soothing sounds, in-seat massagers, and light to alleviate symptoms of illbeing.

Half of the new E-Class engines aren’t just hybrids; they’re plug-in hybrids. These models, available in both gas- and diesel versions provide an all-electric range of up to 100 kilometers. Its 129-horsepower electric motor, meanwhile, should provide enough pep during daily drives. This range starts with the E 300e with a combined 312 horsepower and 550 Nm, while the E 400e does 380 horsepower and 650 Nm. For its mild hybrid line, the integrated starter generator provides a supplementary boost of 20 to 23 horsepower and 205 Nm. This range starts with the E 200 (204 horsepower, 320 Nm) followed by the E 220d (197 horsepower, 440 Nm).

Suspension-wise, the E-Class carries on with traditional springs and dampers, but it can equipped with both electronic dampers (which also drops the ride height) or full air suspension. There’s even a rear-axle steering system that reduces the turning circle of the giant sedan by up to 90 centimeters.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E214) will go on retail sale starting the third to fourth quarter of 2023. It will be followed also by a wagon version and a long wheelbase version designed specifically for the Chinese market.

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