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April 26, 2019

There's a Problem with Shell's New Campaign

Okay, so Pilipinas Shell recently launched a new campaign starring three new ambassadors: Maine Mendoza, Drew Arellano, and Nico Bolzico. While we don’t question the effectiveness of using celebrities to sell fuel, we do have a beef with the cars they’re using.

For the campaign, Maine is the face of Shell FuelSave while Drew represents Shell V-Power. That’s well and good because Maine’s all about the sweet girl next door type while Drew’s about the racer-racer, live-on-the-edge type of guy.

The problem is for the ad material, Maine’s using the Subaru Forester. In fact, if you really want to be specific about it, it looks to be a non-turbo SJ. On the other hand, Drew looks to be in the current CX-5 KF.

And that’s a problem.

See, Subaru recommends 95-octane fuel for its vehicles (turbo or non-turbo), while Mazda says you can stick with 91-octane for all Skyactiv-G models but the MX-5.

It’s clear that Pilipinas Shell simply chose the Ice Silver Metallic Forester for Maine because it looks like a practical everyday car and the Soul Red Crystal looks fast and sporty for Drew. Unfortunately, this sort of detail doesn’t escape eagle-eyed car enthusiasts and it is the sort of thing you cannot unsee.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Nico appears to be in the clear because he’s hawking both types of fuel in a Sonic Silver CX-5.


  1. One could argue that FB20 can run on 91 ron since the ECU will adjust while the SkyActiv-G can take advantage of the extra fuel detergents found in the more premium gas to minimize carbon buildup.

    1. According to Mazda PH, going with an injector cleaner once every 10k km is good enough to prevent any unwanted deposit build up.

  2. most car/MC manufacturer recommend 91 or higher/95 or higher etc, maaroon bang manufacturer recommen ed 91 only or 95 only? yun gas calibration sa PH medyo questionable talking about RON rating naging issue na yan before

    1. Agree. I would still trust the manual more than the dealer.

      Based on the Forester manual.

      Non-turbo models
      The engine is designed to operate using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 AKI (90 RON) or higher.

      Turbo models
      The engine is designed to operate at maximum performance using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 93 AKI (98 RON) or higher.

    2. Manual says Subaru can take 91, but if you check the gas cap itself it says there 95 recommended. Well at least in the Impreza and Forester that I own.

  3. as jimmy car once said, marketing fuel is the easiest job in the world. "You've ran out of gas> well you're going to need more of that"

  4. Petron na lang refined in the Philippines which will provide more jobs for Filipinos. Yung Shell imported from other SEA refineries and distributed here. Buy Filipino!


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