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April 11, 2019

In Time for the Holy Week: Autosweep RFID Can Now Be Used on the TPLEX

Traveling up north this summer? There’s some good news: the Autosweep RFID can now be used on the TPLEX.

This announcement means that travelers going up to popular destinations such as Baguio can go cashless throughout the entire portion of the expressway (NLEX, SCTEX, and now, TPLEX) and cut their time at the tollgates by up to 300 percent.

This latest development comes a year after the Department of Transport announced the start of the interoperability between the two major cashless payment systems used in the country—the Autosweep RFID (SLEX, MCX, Skyway, NAIAX) and the Easy Drive RFID (NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX).

For those interested to apply for an Autosweep RFID, here’s a guide on how you can do so.


  1. does this mean easytrip and autosweep now has 1 combined wallet?

  2. I use rfid daily in slex. Do i need to do an additional registration/documentation of some sort? Or just drive straight to nlex/tplex rfid lanes without any problems? Thanks

    1. You will need to link your AutoSweep to an EasyDrive RFID. Instructions are in a link in the story.

  3. What do I need if the vehicle not yet transfer to my name. What are the document needed to get a rfid/autosweep

  4. Pano po pag yung 2nd hand car eh may autosweep na? Magagamit pa rin po ba yun?

  5. May easytrip na may easdrive pa, alam nyo ba kung ganu ka hassle mag maintain nyang dalawa. Isang system lang gamitin nyo, pinahirapan nyo lang mga byahero. What a genius.


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