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Friday, April 26, 2019

Is This Undrivable Ford Escort Worth P 5.22 Million?

Do you think this non-road worthy, undrivable Ford Escort is worth 90,000 euros (~ P 5.22 million)? Well, if bling is your thing then probably because it’s made from silver, gold, and diamonds.

The project has been a slow-burning labor of love for professional jeweler and petrol head Russell Lord. The owner, over the years, of 55 full-sized Ford Escort cars, Lord first began work on this amazing model 25 years ago, pouring thousands of hours into completing the car.

The body is made of silver and the car also features gold brakes and spoiler, 18-carat gold wheels and hood hinges, 18-carat white gold front grille, 72-point diamond headlights, orange sapphire indicators, and ruby rear brake lights.

Based on the works rally car driven by Ari Vatanen in the late 1970s, the Mk2 Escort, details include spinning pulleys on the front of the engine, a moving diamond-encrusted platinum gear stick and the glass windows that involved smashing countless vases to find sections of glass with exactly the right curve.

In terms of materials alone it already cost 90,000 euros (~ P 5.22 million). It will be auctioned off with all profits donated to charity.

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