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April 22, 2019

This Supreme Hot Wheels Set Now Sells for P 11,000

How much are you willing to pay for a Hot Wheels slapped with some Supreme decals? Apparently, a lot of money for a lot of folks.

Supreme, the skateboarding clothing brand listed some items from its Spring/Summer 2019 collection and among them is a Hot Wheels Fleet Flyer set with a 1992 BMW M3. Both the car and the hauler come decked in Supreme’s instantly recognizable branding across the side (vinyl wrappers and tuners take note) along with custom license plates.

The set cost USD 30 (P 1,550.50), a tenfold increase from the non-Supreme version (USD 2.99 or P 154.50) and promptly sold out as soon as it dropped in this week. And get this, the toy is already being listed for resale with prices reaching as high as USD 215 (P 11,111.20).

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