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December 9, 2015

4 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Car Guy

Christmas is just around the corner and while there are some of us who’re lucky enough to have completed their gift shopping early on, there are some who’re still clueless on what to give. And while it’s easy to shop for friends who’re epicureans or fashionistas, what do you give the self-confessed car guy? Well, this year, I suggest you give air fresheners a break and go for one of these wonderful gift ideas, all of which I don’t mind seeing under the Christmas tree for myself.

SONAX Car Care Kit

Nothing says ‘car enthusiast’ than a clean ride. This Christmas, give something that keeps your car enthusiast family or friend’s car spic-and-span. Sonax, the German car care brand has been around for over 60 years and has been used by brands like Mercedes-Benz. Of course, you don’t need a European car to appreciate the brilliant shine Sonax is known for. However, with a wide range of products, it can get confusing on which particular one to get. Here’s a solution: bundle them.

For those who want to keep their interior spotless, you can get an Interior cleaning pack that consists of the Xtreme Interior Cleaner (P 465 for 500mL), SmokeEx odor neutralizer (P 560 for 500mL), and a Sonax Microfibre Cloth Plus (P 160). If it’s all about external appearances though, there’s always the Exterior care pack with the Sonax Gloss Shampoo (P 295 for 1L), Sonax Easy Shine Polishing Wax (P 325 for 250mL), Sonax High Speed Wax (P 540 for 500mL), and Xtreme Glass Clear Nano Pro (P 435 for 500mL). Don’t forget to throw in the necessary sponges and applicators as well: Sonax Multi Sponge (P 175), Sonax Application Sponge (P 175), Sonax Microfibre Cloth Exterior (P 160), and Sonax Microfibre Cloth Plus (P 160). Finally, if he or she just got a new set of wheels, treat them to a “tire spa” with the Xtreme Tire Gloss Gel (P 785 for 500mL), Xtreme Wheel Cleaner (P 560 for 500mL), and Sonax Car Care Cloth (P 530). If you’re feeling extra generous, you can get all three bundles minus the cleaning tools for less than P 4,500.

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PIAA Superior Bass Horn

With Manila’s increasing traffic volume, a powerful and attention-grabbing horn has become a necessary safety device, especially if you’re dealing with wayward public utility buses and the like. It comes as no surprise that a handful of car owners are swapping their OEM horns for something beefier.

If your friend is one of them, get the PIAA Superior Bass Horn. These super light-weight horns carry a punch and are easy to install. It uses just 2.7 amps per horn while the dual horn set-up produces 115 decibels at both 330Hz and 400Hz. Best of all? It’s actually affordable at just P 2,200 for a set (excluding installation).

PIAA LED Sport Lamps

If the recently concluded Manila Auto Salon is any indicator, off-roading has become the definite aftermarket trend this year thanks to the proliferation of SUVs like the Toyota FJ Cruiser and pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger. Complete the “look” with a pair of PIAA LED Sport Lamps. Drawing a lot less power than halogen lamps, these SAE-compliant sport lamps offer longer lighting range, very important when tackling trails or unlit areas.

When installed properly, these PIAA LED Sport Lamps not only give more light per watt, but don’t glare like typical installations. The secret lies in two key technologies. First, the bulb is installed rearward that gives improved lighting and beam control resulting in greater visibility without the glare. Second is PIAA’s Reflective Facing Technology or RFT that concentrates and focuses the beam pattern onto the road.

For smaller applications, there’s the five-inch LP550 LED Sport Lamps which come with an integrated stone guard for P 19,700. If you want a bit more power, there’s the seven-inch LP570 LED Sport Lamps with an integrated stone guard for P 22,600.

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Finally, for those who keep a garage queen stored somewhere, it’s great to invest in a battery charger and maintainer. And there’s no smarter option than CTEK—the world’s smartest battery charger. The Swedish brand uses advanced microprocessor-controlled technology to keep car batteries at their best. Used regularly, it reduces the need to frequently change batteries (sometimes, a battery can last up to four years). What’s more, it can revive dead batteries (assuming it can keep a charge) saving money and headaches in the long run.

The CTEK MXS 3.8 is the ideal entry-level model for both motorcycle and automobile applications. At P 4,250, it’s actually an affordable investment given a new car battery will cost just as much. You can opt to bundle it with accessories such as the protective Bumper 60 for P 700 and the Comfort Indicator Eyelet that combines a quick connector and battery charge indicator. For just P 500, it’s essential for batteries which are hard to access.

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