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December 9, 2015

BYD is Now Largest EV Maker in the World

BYD Company Ltd., is now ranked the number brand in terms of electric vehicle (EV) accumulated sales with a total of 43,069 EVs sold for 2015 thus far. This represents a 222 percent surge compared to the same period last year. And with a total of 6,099 EV units sold globally in October alone, BYD once again topped the sales charts for the sixth consecutive month since May.

BYD’s outstanding performance in 2015, when the company climbed from 7th position in late 2014 to the first position in just 10 months, is the result of a carefully studied and planned strategy combined with savvy market perception.  After the successful launch of its first “dynastic” EV model, the Qin, it released the Tang in June 2015. The Tang follows the 5-4-2 performance strategy with “5” meaning that the vehicle can reach 100 km/h in under 5 seconds, “4” means four-wheel drive, and “2” signifies the vehicle’s fuel efficiency—achieving a range of 100 kilometers with less than 2 liters of fuel.

Next in line are the SUVs Song and Yuan, which will most definitely add to the company’s mushrooming numbers.

The rise of EVs comes together with the rise of the Chinese Auto Industry and that of BYD Company Ltd.  The company’s EV strategy is not limited to mere passenger vehicles, in spite of its outstanding performance in this category.

Its 7+4 strategy epitomizes its ambitions for the future of what is called in China “new energy vehicles”, where passenger cars would be just part of a much bigger picture.  The company aims to electrify all possible means of transportation, and it has gone a long way towards accomplishing such a feat:  the “7” stands for major conventional vehicles, comprised of bus, coach, taxi, private car, urban logistics truck, sanitation truck and construction truck (concrete mixer); and the “4” stands for specific off-road environments:  warehouse, mining, airports, ports.

The company’s rise in electric vehicles has been as inconspicuous as its massive presence in Electrified Public Transportation worldwide which started in 2010.  Now, its fully electric (BEV) buses and taxis are running in over 160 cities in 40 countries.

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