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May 13, 2019

Isuzu Philippines Introduces Genuine Battery Line

In a bid to further lower their vehicles’ running costs, Isuzu Philippines introduces a new range of Isuzu Battery as part of their beefed-up Isuzu Genuine Parts catalog. The new battery range is offered in 7 sizes, and offers higher quality at lower prices.

The Isuzu Battery lineup features Calcium EGX Plates for better corrosion resistance and higher reactivity for more power. It also has TTP Straps for maximized power delivery and toughened terminals, providing better resistance to over torqueing. Encased in a rigid PP case, it can survive prolonged exposure to heat and vibration while recessed handles make for easy replacement when needed.

The Isuzu Battery offers up to a 24-month warranty and comes with free battery inspection (using an electronic battery tester) and installation at any authorized Isuzu dealership nationwide.

The Isuzu battery is offered in the following sizes:
  • 65D23L/NS50 (1SM) – Isuzu Crosswind
  • 80D26L/N50 (2SM) – Isuzu mu-X, D-Max, N-Series
  • 95D31R/N70 (3SM REV) – Isuzu N-Series
  • 95D31L/N70 (3SM) – Isuzu N-Series
  • 75D23R/NS50 (1SM) – Isuzu N-Series
  • 65D23L/NS50 (1SM) – Isuzu N-Series, F-Series
  • N150 4D/145G51L (JIS) – Isuzu Bus

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  1. Is Yuasa Battery good subdtitute for Isuzu Battery (Sportivo) in case Isuzu-ZC has no available Isuzu Battery??


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