Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Newly-Appointed Fuso Distributor Shows Off Modern Jeepney Design

With its new distributor, Sojitz Fuso Philippines, Fuso is now intent on getting a slice of the government’s PUV Modernization program with its very own Modern PUV prototype.

With the government aiming to replace some 200,000 public utility jeepneys in the next 6 years, Sojitz Fuso Philippines has partnered with Centro Manufacturing in showing off the Fuso Canter PUV. Centro Manufacturing is one of the accredited body-builders of Fuso for the Modern PUV program.

Fuso will be offering both Class 2 and Class 3 PUVs, based on the Canter Commuter and Canter Express respectively. The Fuso Canter PUV is powered by a Euro 4 compliant diesel engine and meets the Bureau of Philippine Standards PNS 2126:2017 which covers body dimensions for the Modern PUV.

“We congratulate Sojitz Fuso Philippines for being appointed the new distributor of Fuso in the Philippines and for proactively joining the PUV Modernization Program of the Philippines. We at Centro wish to say that we are behind Sojitz Fuso Philippines all the way as we usher in the new era of public transport and modern logistics in the Philippines,” said Centro President Raffy Juan.


  1. I really dont understand why they kept on saying a modern jeepney this and that. That truck doesnt look like a jeepeny in anyway. We didn't call the L300 a modern jeepney. If they want to call it a jeepeny, then might as well design it as a jeepney with all the new undercarriage and new engine and modern electronics, shouldnt be too hard to do. Otherwise, just make a minibus the size of a jeepney, not these so called modern jeepney.

  2. Can I have a quote price of this class 2 / class 3 unit for UV express This is BARANGAY PALIPARAN 3 TRANSPORT COOPERATIVE

  3. Can I have the unit cost? For Negros Transport Cooperative. Thanks.


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