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May 27, 2019

Planning to Track the 2020 Toyota Supra? Toyota Gazoo's Got You Covered

The fifth-generation aka A90 or 2020 Toyota Supra may be nothing more than a BMW Z4 in Japanese garb, but that’s not stopping the folks over at Gazoo Racing from offering their own unique tuner twist.

Along with the availability of the first batch of TRD parts for the Supra, Toyota, through Gazoo Racing has introduced a racing recorder specifically for the Supra. Called the Toyota Gazoo Racing Recorder, it reads and interprets the information stored on the Supra’s on-board computer and visualizes it through graphs, charts, and even GPS-based map tracking. It can even attach to a Sony action cam to sync the information with video, and even record to an SD card based on certain triggers like speed. What’s even better is that Toyota’s launching its own smartphone and Windows 10-based app negating the need for expensive specialized software.

In a build up to the Supra’s launch, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Recorder has already been used in the web series, “Full Throttle Impression” where drivers including Fernando Alonso gave their first impression of the BMW-based Toyota sportscar.

Opting for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Recorder doesn’t come cheap: it costs 91,800 yen (~ P 43,787) including tax. However, at least it’s one more thing that makes the Supra more unique and certainly more Japanese than the Teutonic Z4.

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