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May 14, 2019

Mazda Teamed Up with an Iconic Photographer to Produce These Stunning Pictures of the All-New Mazda3

What do you get when you pair the 2019 Mazda3 with one of the most influential photographers of this generation? These stunning images (see all the photos at the bottom).

Rankin, the London-based photographer who’s taken portraits of the Queen of England, Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, David Bowie, Monica Bellucci, and many hundreds more brought his unique aesthetic to shooting the all-new Mazda3.

Aiming to capture the energy and feeling that Takumi clay modelers put into the Mazda3, Rankin took a very different approach to photographing Mazda’s new compact car.

“I wanted to not only show the essence of the Mazda3, but also evoke emotions with the viewer. I wanted to make the images really sensual so I approached the shoot in a completely different way. I have used light and created motion through actual camera movements, not retouching, that literally bring the car to life for the viewer,” said Rankin.

Rankin’s approach was echoed by the Mazda3’s chief engineer, Mitsui Hitomi, “We don’t design to a spec, we design to a feeling. It is also a story of pure driving pleasure and a challenging portrayal of true automotive beauty, a car that is as beautiful in motion as it is at rest.”

Each photo represents a significant feeling evoked by the Mazda3: Liberation, Panache, Release, Serenity, Verve, and Zeal.


  1. Those are some cringe worthy pictures!

  2. That is it? Actually looks worse.. All he did was blur out the nice details with that motion blur and streaks.


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