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May 10, 2019

Next-Generation Honda Jazz to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

In a bid to quicken their company’s embrace of electrification, Honda took a three-prong approach when it came to its gasoline-electric hybrid. Depending on the size and positioning of its vehicle, Honda came up with i-DCD, i-MMD, and SH-AWD. Now, it seems i-MMD may take the lead.

Typically deployed in mid-sized vehicles such as the Accord, Odyssey, and CR-V, Honda is developing a smaller version of its i-MMD engine for its next-generation Jazz. And that next-generation sub-compact hatchback will take centerstage at the Tokyo Motor Show this October.

Honda’s i-MMD is clever in that there is no transmission in the traditional sense. There are four gearsets between the electric and combustion power sources and the front wheels, but all drive ratios are fixed. The powertrain provides three standard propulsion modes: electric-only, gasoline-only, and combined gas and electric, without shifting gears or varying a planetary ratio. This system takes away the conventional transmission and torque converter. And with no pulleys and one fixed gear, it delivers 46 to 80 percent less friction compared to a conventional automatic.

Along with the availability of a hybrid drivetrain, the next-generation Jazz will likely debut the new “Honda Architecture” which is a platform that aims to increase the carmaker’s development efficiency and parts-sharing for mass production models.

In a statement, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that the company is expanding the use of i-MMD globally and thinks they can reduce the cost of the system by 25 percent by 2022.

Furthermore, in a bid to make the Japanese automaker more competitive, Honda is looking to strengthen their inter-regional cooperation and collaboration in terms of vehicle development. With 60 percent of their global sales composed of just 5 nameplates: Civic, Accord, CR-V, Jazz, and HR-V, they’re looking at reducing the total number of variations at the trim and option level to a third of what they have today.

Finally, Honda will embrace full battery electric vehicles beginning with the Honda e in Europe.

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  1. Haven't seen a new Honda Jazz on the streets. Anybody buying it?


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