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February 22, 2024

2024 CX-70 Debuts Mazda's Newest Special Color: Melting Copper Metallic

Mazda has always considered color as an integral part of its design language. That’s why the brand has come up with some pretty classy colorways that coincided with the launch of their KODO design language.

To refresh your memory, Mazda has come up with some cool colors which, thankfully, aren’t just shades of gray. Everything started out with Soul Red (then refined to Soul Red Crystal), and from there, you have Machine Gray Metallic, Polymetal Gray, Platinum Quartz Metallic, Zircon Sand, Rhodium White Premium, and Artisan Red Premium. If you’re not counting, that’s at least seven special colors, the availability of which is dependent on the exact model (we noticed that, typically, it’s dictated by size or positioning in Mazda’s line-up).

Well, you can now add another new color: Melting Copper Metallic which has just made its debut on the first-ever CX-70.

So far, Mazda hasn’t revealed the story behind this new shade, but from these photos (computer-generated using Mazda USA’s configurator system), it looks pretty similar to Lexus’ Sonic Copper Metallic. And just like how Mazda has implemented a unique painting system on its special colors, Sonic Copper Metallic uses sonic waves to distribute the metallic flakes suspended in the paint to give a more uniform sheen.

Aside from Melting Copper Metallic, it’s interesting that Mazda has opted for a sportier palette for the CX-70. For example, Artisan Red isn’t available. Instead, the two-row version of the CX-90 sticks with Soul Red Crystal. Other colors include Rhodium White Premium, Polymetal Gray, and Zircon Sand.

Hopefully, Mazda tells us the story on how they came up with Melting Copper Metallic. For now, at least we’ve got our first look on this new color that’s not another shade of gray.


  1. I still can't tell Mazdas apart

  2. Almost the same as the Lexus RX's new copper color.


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