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February 21, 2024

Toyota Names Hilux's 48-Volt Hybrid Tech As "V-Active"

While Toyota has taken a more simplified naming for its Hilux Hybrid in Europe, where it’s known as self-explanatory “Hilux Hybrid 48V,” in Australia, they’ve decided on giving it a fancier name: V-Active.

The 48-volt hybrid technology mates the 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV engine with a motor generator and 48-volt lithium-ion battery. Outputs remain the same at 204 horsepower at 3,400 rpm and 500 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,800 rpm.

Energy is recovered when decelerating and the system can then store it in a compact, lightweight battery. In instances where the engine’s less efficient, it can deploy this stored energy to assist the engine providing up to 16 horsepower and 65 Nm. Overall, this should equate to a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency.

The Hilux variants equipped with the V-Active system also gains Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Select or MTS system that offers six off-road modes for improved traction. The selection of high range enables the use of Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Auto modes in MTS, while using low range brings the choice of Sand, Mud, Auto and Rock modes.

Along with the hybrid tech, the Hilux models sold down under also receive another refresh. These are comprised of new front bumpers and honeycomb mesh grille, and dark-finished LED headlamps, gloss black exterior mirrors and door handles, darkened rear bumper, and a powder-coated black sports bar. It also gains a tailgate lift assist consisting of a gas strut and cable. Inside, Toyota has updated the Hilux with a wireless charger as well as USB Type C ports.

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  1. The new front fascia design looks like a step backward from the current generation.


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