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February 23, 2024

Chery Auto Expands Europe R&D Office

With Europe in its sights, Chery Auto has made the strategic decision to expand its R&D in Raunheim, Germany.

Over the last 5 years, the center in Raunheim, which opened in 2018, has developed into one of the most important R&D and design locations for Chery. And with Europe starting to become the biggest recipient of Chinese vehicle exports, the Anhui-based automaker will double the number of employees there in the next 12 months.

At the site not far from the Frankfurt Airport, Chery covers development activities for all new products as well as purely Europe-specific solutions. This includes design development, simulation and testing as well as hardware and mechanical product design, including the brand’s Advanced Design Studio.

The expansion of the R&D center near the River Main is an important milestone for Chery and underlines the carmaker’s determination to develop truly state-of-the-art vehicles.


  1. Nobody buy Chery in Europe.
    Such crapy cars...
    Even Chinese don't buy Chery lol

    1. Chery is available in Italy for almost 18 years already
      Italians love affordable vehicles like Chery

    2. italians love luxurious ferrari, ducati, vespa, lambo and not a cheap low quality china made cars. if indeed some bought chery in italy - it could be low skilled labor migrants.

    3. Not all Italians buy Ferrari 😂
      There are places in Italy that aren't that wealthy that's why they buy affordable and value for money vehicles from Chery


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