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February 29, 2024

Toyota To Resume Production Of Models Affected By Diesel Engine Issue

Following irregularities found in several diesel engines manufactured at Toyota Industries Corporation, the Japanese government has now lifted the suspension of engine shipments.

The certification irregularities surfaced when a special investigation committee found that the horsepower output of the engines being tested were measured using ECUs with software that was different from those used in mass production. As a result, engine values in the test results appear smoother with less variation.

Last month, Toyota stated that 10 vehicle models used the affected engines, the 1GD, 2GD and F33A. The 2.8-liter 1GD is used on the Land Cruiser Prado from August 2020, the Hiace from 2017, and the Hino Dyna/Dutro from May 2021, as well as the Thai-made Hilux and both Thai and Indonesian-made Fortuner from May 2020.

Production of the Land Cruiser 300 with the F33A has already resumed, while shipment of engines for the Hilux pickup truck, made at Toyota Motor Thailand, will resume on March 4.

For its part, Toyota Motor Philippines clarified that the irregularities do not affect any of the vehicles sold locally.  They also add that they do not have any impact on horsepower, torque, or other powertrain-related values. In addition, these irregularities do not compromise the emissions or safety of these vehicles.


  1. Toyota Motor Philippines really sound ridiculous with their statement. There is impact where they are made but miraculously they are fixed here.

    1. It's very possible Toyota is mum about this issue

  2. Anong hilux model&year yung nasa feature salamat

  3. W-what the hell...


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