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February 20, 2024

Say Yes To These Peace Of Mind Service Offers From Ford

Ford Philippines reinforces its commitment to deliver an enhanced ownership experience to its growing customer base with a complimentary service inspection package and an updated owners dashboard available on the Ford website.

All Ford vehicles purchased starting January 1, 2024 will receive a complimentary Peace of Mind service package that includes free inspection which can be availed within 2 months or 2,000 kilometers, whichever comes first and two free labor on periodic maintenance schedule (PMS) services.

The package includes a general inspection of parts inside, outside, and under the vehicle. Parts under the vehicle's hood and the operation of items used while driving into the workshop will also be inspected.

On top of the complimentary inspection package, all Ford vehicles purchased starting January 1, 2024 can also enjoy free labor on their first (12 months or 10,000 kilometers whichever goes first) and second PMS (24 months or 20,000 kilometers whichever goes first) services. The Ranger, Everest, or Territory vehicles that were purchased prior to January 1, 2024 can also enjoy free labor on their first PMS service.

Eligible customers can book their service appointment via the Online Service Booking platform. With Online Service Booking, customers can conveniently book service appointments at their preferred Ford dealership, anytime and anywhere. They will also get instant confirmation of their booking, as well as modify their booking on the system.

Complementing Online Service Booking is Service Price Calculator, a helpful tool that allows customers to know in advance the estimated PMS service pricing based on the vehicle model and selected Ford dealer prior to the actual service appointment.

Ford Philippines has also enhanced its Owners Dashboard available on the website to offer a more convenient and integrated platform that shows Ford owners everything they need to know about their vehicles. This include fuel level, oil life, tire pressure, and current mileage for FordPass-enabled vehicles. They can also update their Sync (if applicable) on the new dashboard to ensure seamless connection to their mobile devices.

Additionally, the dashboard also gives customers additional references such as a Digital Owner’s Manual, as well as useful articles and answers to frequently-asked questions. In cases of Field Service Action, the dashboard also serves as a quick reference for owners to check if their vehicle is included.

The dashboard also provides more convenience as they only need to set-up one account that they can also use to make online reservation for vehicles, as well as in activating FordPass.

Ford vehicle owners can this link to register, log in and access the Owners Dashboard. Owners can enroll up to ten (10) Ford vehicles by inputting the vehicle identification number (VIN).

“At Ford, our relationship with our customers goes beyond their vehicle purchase, that’s why we are working hard to offer service packages and tools to give them a worry-free ownership experience. With our Peace of Mind package and an enhanced owners dashboard, customers can be assured of a confident and conveniently-connected ownership with their Ford vehicles,” says Mike Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines.


  1. Peace of Mind daw? Lol. Funniest joke Ive read today.

    1. The funniest joke is you being angry at Ford while they are still selling well. I can just imagine you throwing a tantrum.

    2. Agreed. Poor Ford buyers.

    3. Okay, RG:

      In sincerity, that could possibly tell ourselves how we could compare Ford (plus Stellantis aka Dodge etc) in real life to them in video games and explain all the time if Ford and Peugeot/Fiat/Jeep were better to perform in video games compared to real life.

      For example, we have Gran Turismo (like 7) and you attempt to compete a Lancia Delta (which is a Stellantis product with a long rally racing history) with a Ford that's not commonly known to your country like Lancia and the Delta - go do more research on these cars if you're putting such statements on Ford and even the rest of Stellantis. (Maybe RG could have been a Hyundai/Kia guy since their motorsports heritage is totally limited than Ford and Stellantis plus Ferrari which was a former Fiat partner.)

    4. Can somebody please ban RG? He's really becoming annoying.

    5. Freedom of specs

  2. We have limited access to Ford vehicles as the showrooms and service centers are far in between from where we live and work. If their bread and butter pick up and SUVs are really selling well, they seem to be satisfied already as they no longer plan to cover much of PH market. Some facilities handle multiple provinces, and they tend to be crowded, particularly for the obligatory PMS, wherein the annual thing isnt really good for a (moderate to high usage) vehicle.


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