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February 7, 2024

Astara Appointed As JAC Distributor In The Philippines

Astara has now been appointed as the exclusive importer of JAC cars and pick-up trucks in the Philippines, marking the first cooperation between Astara and the brand globally. This agreement brings JAC’s wide range of SUVs and pick-up models to the fast-growing market, meeting the evolving needs of the Filipino consumers and commercial customers. Furthermore, in the future, the brand will launch electrified models, both 100 percent EV and PHEV, with the aim of establishing itself as the market’s benchmark.

“We’re excited to include JAC in our global portfolio and exclusively distribute the brand in the Philippines. As a top brand with a presence in over 100 countries, JAC’s commitment to quality and focus on electrification perfectly align with Astara’s vision for the future of mobility. Considering this region is pivotal to our international expansion, we are confident in showcasing our capabilities through JAC’s distribution,” said Jorge Navea, CEO of Astara.

“For JAC, the Philippines is of extraordinary strategic and practical significance. In the future, JAC will strictly adhere to the “user-centric” business philosophy and bolster the relationship with Astara to provide better products and better service experience for Filipino users,” said David Zhang, Vice President of JAC Motors.

Astara began distribution in the Philippines in 2021 initially with Peugeot and then with GAC Motor. More recently, it also added JMC

In this collaboration with JAC, Astara’s primary focus will be to build a solid dealer network, introduce electrified models and implement effective strategies to promote, and strengthen the brand’s image and products, in line with its focus on sustainable and innovative mobility.


  1. Lica Auto Group dropped JAC as they had a hard time finding dealer partners for it aside from the company cutting costs by closing down lots of its car dealerships (mostly Chevrolet and Subaru dealerships they own)
    Good luck to Astara on how they'll market and sell the JAC vehicles in the Philippine market.

  2. Astara a fan of not selling well brands

  3. In fairness to Astara they signficantly managed to improve the sales and coverage of GAC while trying to revive Peugeot. Not bad at all...this is a positive development for existing JAC owners.

  4. Another Chinese brand in Astara's portfolio.

  5. An underrated car brand from China

  6. JS4,T9 and JS8 Pro are likely its initial batch of new vehicles
    Its best for Astara to sell the JAC EJS1 EV in the Philippine market as rival of the Dongfeng Nanobox

  7. Chinese brands pasa pasa like hot potato. Sell 20 OK na close the company

  8. China brands Ned to establish good after sales customer service support system if they want to succeed for long term.


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