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February 8, 2024

JMC Thinks It Can Replicate Its China Success In The Philippines

JMC or Jiangling Motors Corporation is setting the bar high as it enters the Philippine market under its new distributor, Astara Philippines.

Last year, JMC had a record-breaking market share growth of 23 percent in the fiercely competitive Chinese market.

Throughout its history, JMC has consistently demonstrated excellence as one of the leaders in China’s commercial vehicle segment. They are the top manufacturer in the light commercial bus and van segment with a 22.7 percent market share. They also rank second in the pickup truck segment with a 23 percent market share.

“With a proven track record of delivering vehicles that seamlessly blend performance, durability, and style, we have come a long way. With our strength as the only commercial vehicle manufacturer established in China with joint ventures with two Fortune Global 500 companies, we stand committed in our pursuit of quality, ensuring that all touch points from manufacturing, sales, and service are held with the highest standards,” Astara Philippines Managing Director Raoul Picello said.

Now, its venture to the Philippine market represents a strategic move to impart its winning formula to a wider audience. Supported by a diverse team of over 34,000 employees, its presence goes beyond China. Backed by decades of business growth and development, JMC is committed to become a leading global force in the automotive industry.

“JMC is Ready for the World. With advanced technology and a robust production line, backed by the support of over 480 global suppliers, JMC stands at the forefront of innovation, a prime example of excellence in the industry,” JMC Brand Head Arlan Reyes said.

Filipinos are now set to experience first-hand the brand’s newest lineup of pickup trucks. Soon to hit Philippine roads they are packed with power, technology, reliability at great value for money.

“JMC’s arrival in the Philippines is not just a market expansion; it’s the introduction of a legacy. Filipino consumers will soon experience firsthand the quality, innovation, and reliability that have defined JMC’s presence in China. The brand looks forward to forging lasting connections with the Philippine community,” Reyes shared.


  1. More than 10 years na JMC dito sa pinas and nothing to show, buti pa foton

  2. JMC pickup trucks powered by Ford diesel engines are kinda average
    The best Chinese pickup truck in the market is the GWM Cannon which already sold hundreds of units last year in the Philippine market

  3. Wondering how Astara Ph will balance its promotion of Peugeot, GAC, JMC, and JAC. The 1st 2 will compete against each other in the SUV/crossover segment, while the latter 2 will both compete in the pickup segment.

    1. Nothing to worry as all of those brands are not selling well anyway

    2. JAC will mainly focus on hybrid and EVs like the small JAC EJS1 EV

  4. If you don't know JMC makes CrossOver as well as they are the partner of Ford in china that Co-produced the Best Selling TERRITORY. ASTARA will give free hand to those four brand management to compete to each other. Definitely GAC is the most favorite team among all who have fresh and favorable vehicles in the market.

  5. For JMC Grand Avenue to succeed in the Philippines... Their top of the line price needs to be lower than GWM SLUX by 100,000 pesos. GWM SLUX offers everything unlike the JMC Grand Avenue.

  6. The GWM SLUX has way more features than the JMC Grand Avenue, not to mention it is cheaper. They're going to have a hard time trying to win the hearts and wallets of Filipinos.


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