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June 17, 2023

Omoda On Track For Q4 2023 Philippine Launch

Omoda and Jaecoo Philippines, collectively known as O&J Philippines, is on track for a Q4 2023 launch. This was asserted by Jeff Liu, O&J’s General Manager for Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe during the brand’s media preview.

Mr. Liu said that for the past few weeks, he and his team, including O&J Philippines’s country brand manager Uzzi Asuncion has been making the rounds talking to the government as well as potential bank and dealer partners.

“We are working to homologate our vehicles, such as the Omoda 5 compact SUV, for the Philippine market,” said Mr. Liu. “It is designed for global markets so it has passed even the most stringent Euro NCAP safety test, netting even a 5-star rating. However, we understand that the Philippines has its own standards, regarding emissions and so forth. We have been coordinating closely with the authorities to have it certified and ready for sale.”

Mr. Liu said that once they have passed all pertinent government requirements, they will import a handful of Omoda 5 SUVs ahead of launch. This will allow them to conduct local testing, gauge customer interest, and make sure they fulfill the requirement of young Filipino buyers, their intended target market.

For his part, Marco Chen, Director of O&J Philippines says he is confident of the brand’s reception. Citing online surveys that they have been conducting, Mr. Chen says they are gaining a deeper understanding in what Filipinos look for in purchasing a brand-new car.

“We are still month away from getting the Omoda 5 into the country, but before then, we are investing heavily to market our brand. We must make sure that Filipinos get to know Omoda and Jaecoo better,” said Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen says that O&J is aware that local buyers look for outstanding value-for-money, wide ranging financing options, and a good aftersales experience. To that end, the Omoda 5 will be a heavy-hitter in terms of its specs vis-à-vis its less than P 1.5-million price tag.

Its specs include a turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, dual 10.25-inch screens, the latest human-machine interface with a virtual voice assistant, and even 16 advanced driver assist technologies.

They will also be offering a warranty period of no less than five years. On top of that, they will launch the “O-Universe,” a full ownership ecosystem that goes beyond traditional aftersales. With the O-Universe, Omoders (their official corporate term for Omoda owners), will unlock various perks and exclusive deals making them feel the “Omoda Lifestyle” even when they are not inside or using their car. These include discounts at select retail partners, exclusive access to events and clubs, and rebates from fuel partners.

They have also started talking to various banks to serve as their financing partners.

In terms of dealership footprint, Mr. Liu and Mr. Asuncion have separately confirmed that they have been busy talking to potential partners not just in Metro Manila, but in cities as far away as Davao City. The plan is to open 20 of them before the end of the year.

During his presentation, Mr. Chen reiterated Omoda’s positioning as Chey Auto’s youth-oriented global brand. The name is a mix of “O” which indicates surprise, positivity, and energy, and “Moda,” which is patterned after the word, “Modern.”

Omoda’s Global Research and Development team conducted over a thousand researches in 20 countries, including the Philippines, with the intention to create a vehicle that meets the expectations from the usual SUV—and more.

The brand hopes to replicate its success in the ultra-competitive Australian market. Downunder, Omoda managed to move more than a thousand Omoda 5 SUVs since its launch. It has so far outsold several competitors including the Honda HR-V.

The Omoda 5 SUV will be joined by the Omoda 5 EV, its first New Energy Vehicle offering in the country and the Jaecoo 7, a compact SUV for adventure-seeking urbanites.

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