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June 20, 2023

Here's Proof That The LTO Recognizes The Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid As A Hybrid

When Suzuki Auto Philippines launched the Ertiga Hybrid, there was some confusion as to its classification as a Hybrid Vehicle as defined by the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act or EVIDA law. Some even thought that it pushed the law to its limit simply because its Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) system is the mildest form of the mild hybrid system.

Let’s backtrack a bit. According to the EVIDA law’s implementing rules and regulations, EVs (for the purposes of the law and its implementation), is defined as have at least one electric drive used for vehicle propulsion (Section 5). Nowhere in the law does it state that the said Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) must be propelled solely by the electric motor alone.

In fact, there’s a rider at the bottom of the section that allows for the recognition of the future advances and innovations of technologies which may be recognized by the Department of Energy, but for the purposes of the EVIDA law, the said vehicle must have at least one electric drive used for propulsion.

With that, hybrids, including mild hybrids, are classified as electric vehicles and benefit from incentives such as: priority registration and renewal of registration with the LTO; issuance of a special plate; and most contentious of all: exemption from the number coding scheme implemented by the MMDA and other similar agencies and LGUs.

Despite some clamors from fellow carmakers against the Ertiga Hybrid being classified as a HEV, Suzuki Philippines said they had documents to back up them up. And now, we have the document in question in black and white.

You can check the official LTO Vehicle Classification sheet below, but the pertinent paragraph reads:
“All NRUs [New Registration Units] of the Regional Offices and District/Extension Offices authorized to initially register new motor vehicles shall classify the subject unit [Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid] as a Utility Vehicle and be assessed with the applicable MVUC for such classification pursuant to Republic Act No. 8794. Moreover, the 15 percent discount on the MVUC pursuant to Republic Act No. 11697 or EVIDA and its Implementing Rules and Regulations shall be applicable to this model.”
There you go. This closes the debate on the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid. Now remember, it may not be as clearcut for the others. We know for a fact that Toyota Motor Philippines is busy reclassifying its vehicles, despite being full or strong hybrids, to be included in LTO’s HEV classification; heck, Nissan is working to classify the Kicks as a full EV. However, others, like Geely are still mum on the entire matter. If they do want to have their owners enjoy the full benefits of EVIDA above the law, it’s better they do some paperwork to make it happen.

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  1. Is this still applicable even though Ertiga Hybrid isn't in the list of DOE coding exemption?


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