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June 23, 2023

After Finishing Work On Next-Gen Ranger, Everest, Ford Lays Off 20 Percent Of Australia R&D

After finishing development of the next-generation Ranger and Everest, Ford just laid off 400 jobs or 20 percent from its Australian vehicle development and design departments.

Reported by Car Expert, the downsizing is on top of the 170 already laid off last April. This is down to increased management pressure to cut costs and drive Ford’s global efficiency goals. Though unconfirmed, the jobs will be reportedly outsourced to India.

That said, according to The Wall Street Journal (via Reuters), Ford India itself (along with the United States) will also undergo its own round of layoffs amounting to about 3,000 salaried workers.

The job cuts come at a time when Ford said it would contribute more to future global development programs. In fact, just last 2021, Ford expanded its design studio in Melbourne. At the time, there were more than 2,500 personnel working in engineering, design, technical, and automotive specialist roles.

Ford Australia is largely responsible not just for the next-generation Everest and Ranger, but other products for the Chinese, Indian, and South American markets including the Territory.

Despite the job cuts and outsourcing to India, Ford says Australia will remain the global design and development hub for the Ranger and Everest.

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  1. As long as our Units aren't sourced from India, i have no problem about it.


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