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February 26, 2021

The All-New 2022 Ford Ranger Will Be Designed Here

Ford is gearing up for the all-new 2022 Ranger’s debut by expanding its high-tech design studio to accommodate more than 200 designers, and new equipment.

It marks the biggest revamp of the Ford Design Studio in Australia, and is part of the company’s continued commitment to deliver an all-new pickup truck of superior quality.

The new Ford Design Studio’s footprint has doubled and has become a brighter, well-lit facility. It also takes on a museum design philosophy which creates a space that foster cooperation rather than competition during the entire creative process.

Aside from the addition of 100 new workstations, the Ford Design Studio now has an extended clay modeling workshop where full-scale models are made, and a new five-axis gantry milling center as well. The five-axis milling machine refers to the machine’s ability to move a clay modeling tool or a part in five different axes simultaneously, which gives the cutting tool a multi-directional approach.

The new Design Studio also has a 1,110-square meter internal courtyard where vehicles could be privately viewed outdoors.

The Ford Design Studio is the global lead studio for the Ranger and Everest SUV, and they have also contributed greatly to the design of vehicles sold in other markets such as South America, China, and India.

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