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February 19, 2021

Ford PH Recalling Territory SUVs for Non-Starting Engines

Ford Philippines is recalling its Territory for a problem which may cause the compact crossover to not start once the engine is switched off. 

The Territory’s Electrical Battery Sensor or EBS bracket has a tendency to break, affording to a recall letter issued by Ford Philippines.

Having identified the problem, Ford Philippines has instructed their dealers to change the wiring harness attached to the EBS bracket, and inspect and replacement the bracket, where necessary. The fix is free of charge to customers, and will require less than half a day.


  1. Replies
    1. And this is Probably the Reason why Customers are Buying Toyota Corolla Cross instead.

    2. Nah. Toyota had to recall defective fuel pumps on some of their models too. Who knows what other defects are present especially with corolla cross since its a new model. Let's wait longer if there are going to be issues that will come out. No one is immune to crappy quality parts nowadays.

  2. Territory is Made In China ! Now you know ...

    1. Eh papano to sila?

    2. Yes, all car manufacturers have their respective issues. But issues are forgivable if they were not deliberately and maliciously done.

  3. Territory is Made In China ! Now you know ...

  4. The problem with Ford territory is that, it is a rebranding of a local crossover car from china. noone buys ford in china even in us ford does not sell that much because of reliability Although toyota might have some problems later on, still the damage is repairable unlike the damage in Ford CARS! so JOJI before you comment think JOJI THINK! stop antagonizing people


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