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February 22, 2021

The Korean Army Relies A Lot On This Kia Light Tactical Cargo Truck

The U.S. Army may have the Hummer H1, but the Korean army has this: the Kia Light Tactical Cargo Truck. And the automaker has just shown what its newest version looks like.

Unknown to many, Kia has been supplying its light tactical vehicles to the South Korean army since 2016. The new four-seater Light Tactical Cargo Truck concept adopts a bold, commanding design and has been equipped with a cargo container for transporting troops alongside diverse armory. Kia expects the added visual appeal and usability to stimulate further demand for its military vehicles.

Kia has developed the Light Tactical Cargo Truck concept in close cooperation between the Defense Acquisition Program Administration. The vehicle’s modular chassis has enabled Kia to offer standard and long wheelbase variants alongside armored and unarmored versions for purposes including tactical commanding and reconnaissance, weapon installment, target observation, and multi-purpose for supporting.

Differentiated by its unique design, the four-person Light Tactical Cargo Truck has been optimized for use by military forces by offering superior mobility, outstanding durability, and a high level of functionality. The unarmored long wheelbase design features a superstructure that can be tailored to underpin different structures such as a cargo box, a mobile workshop and a communications center. The vehicle can also carry ten fully-armed soldiers and up to three tons of cargo in the vehicle’s rear compartment.

The Kia Light Tactical Cargo Truck is powered by a 225 horsepower Euro 5 diesel engine, with power sent to all four wheels via state-of-the-art 8-speed automatic transmission with a two-speed transfer case. It can climb gradients up to 60 percent. The truck also features an independent suspension system, air conditioning, a limited-slip differential, run-flat tires, and an electro-magnetic interference system. Ground clearance is set at 405 mm, while maximum cruising range is 560 kilometers.

Together with the Light Tactical Cargo Truck Kia also showed off the vehicle’s Bare Chassis. With the body removed, the bare chassis showcases the truck’s powertrain and basic frame, providing a glimpse of the platform’s scalability as a basis for a range of armored vehicles.

Kia says it is actively developing vehicles based on the Bare Chassis for clients’ taste around the world.

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