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February 19, 2021

Chery Auto is Taking Passenger Health and Safety Seriously

The worry surrounding COVID-19 has pushed Chery Automobile to put customer health and safety first in its vehicle design. With that, Chery engineers have taken extra steps to ensure that the air you breathe in their vehicles is 100 percent safe and clean.

In 2020, Chery took the lead in developing a CN95 “health cabin.” The standard cabin air filter in every model from the Tiggo 5X upward features an extremely fine mesh of synthetic electrostatic polymer fibers (non-woven polypropylene fabric). These can block out most hazardous particles including bacteria and viruses. On top of that, it has an activated charcoal layer that filters out harmful gases while deodorizing peculiar smells. This high efficiency filter also helps dehydrate and remove moisture from the cabin air, effectively reducing the lifespan of most germs.

While most of the effort is currently concentrated on preventing harmful substances from the outside getting into the cabin, this year, Chery Auto is taking a step further by also controlling material-generated odors and gases.

The Chinese automaker has now setup their own in-car air quality control standard covering parts, materials, and even assembly in a bid to reduce the emission of harmful odors and gases. For example, their “Golden Nose Team,” plays a rival role in the investigation of raw materials. These experts are able to sense peculiar smells that are hardly perceptible to consumers.

Moreover, the team also conducts random checks and appraisals on vehicles on the production line to make sure they confirm to standard. Any defective vehicle will be recalled immediately for disassembly and troubleshooted in their very own “Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC Laboratory.”

To guarantee the consistency of all the parts, Chery has also enacted a “Standard Material Process Form.” This allows them to supervise the production link from raw materials of suppliers to actual car assembly.

Given the changing mindset brought on by COVID-19, Chery Auto is committed to its customer-centered concept by constantly upgrade their air purification technology as well as only using materials and production methods which are safe.

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