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June 19, 2023

Here Are The Details Of Jetour Auto PH's Zero Cash Offer

Early this month, Jetour Auto Philippines and Bank of the Philippine Islands launched a special ownership program for the X70 and Dashing SUVs with their Jetour Drive and Save Program. Now, the up-and-coming carmaker has revealed more details surrounding this promo.

Running until July 31, 2023, the Jetour Drive and Save Program lets anyone purchase a a Jetour model through three special schemes:

Zero Cash Out: Buy and Save

Included in the Jetour Drive and Save Program is an all-in low-down payment scheme that lets buyers drive home a Jetour X70 or X70 Plus with minimum cash outlay.

The 60-month payment plan, in partnership with BPI, includes one-year comprehensive insurance with Acts of Nature coverage, free chattel mortgage, and free three years registration with the LTO.

Customers may choose from any of the following all-in low-down payment options:
  • Jetour X70 Journey - P 38,000
  • Jetour X70 Travel - P 48,000
  • Jetour X70 Sport - P 58,000
  • Jetour X70 Plus - P 149,000
In addition to the low cash outlay, customers may also opt to have their down payment saved for future use. In addition to the low-down payment amount provided by the customer, Jetour Auto Philippines will top off the necessary balance needed to complete 20 percent of the vehicle’s SRP. The money will then be deposited in the customer’s BPI escrow account.

After 24 months, provided the customer complies with the specific conditions, the Jetour owner may then use or withdraw the money for personal use. In effect, the customer gets his low-down payment cash back in addition to the amount deposited by Jetour Auto Philippines.

Jetour believes the cash savings will benefit car buyers and their families in the long run as it can be used for their future needs.

The following are the amounts that a Jetour owner will receive in two years under this optional plan:
  • Jetour X70 Journey - P 219,800
  • Jetour X70 Travel - P 251,800
  • Jetour X70 Sport - P 259,800
  • Jetour X70 Plus - P 299,800
Stretch the Budget

BPI car loan applicants may also opt to have their car loans with BPI recomputed into a 72-month term through the Stretch Monthly Amortization scheme.

With a down payment of 20 percent, Jetour buyers can opt for a lower monthly payment option while enjoying the all-in benefits from the low down-payment scheme, which includes: one-year comprehensive insurance with Acts of Nature coverage, free chattel mortgage, and free three years registration with the LTO.

The lower monthly payments will allow Jetour owners and their families to manage their budgets better and provide for the essential needs of the household.

Customers may avail of the 72 months Monthly Amortization plan with Net Monthly Amortization at an AOR of 60.69 percent for the following models:
  • Jetour X70 Journey - P 19,634.25
  • Jetour X70 Travel - P 22,492.73
  • Jetour X70 Sport - P 23,207.36
  • Jetour X70 Plus - P 26,780.47
Huge Cash Discounts

Those who wish to opt for straight cash payments when purchasing a car can avail of significant discounts when buying Jetour X70, X70 Plus, and Dashing models.

Payments made through straight cash transactions or via bank Purchase Orders are entitled to the following discounts:
  • Jetour X70 Journey - P 100,000
  • Jetour X70 Travel - P 100,000
  • Jetour X70 Sport - P 100,000
  • Jetour X70 Plus - P 50,000
  • Jetour Dashing - P 50,000
The cash discount plan excludes the amounts for insurance coverage, chattel mortgage, and LTO registration.

So, whether it is stretching the value of every peso or making a straightforward purchase, Jetour Auto Philippines has an option for fathers and family decision-makers that makes owning a family car a sound decision.

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  1. One should be brave enough to spend dear hard earned money for dis unknown n unproven brand.


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