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June 23, 2023

The Ugly-As-Sin 2024 Mazda2 Is Now In ASEAN

Revealed to the world in January, the ugly-as-sin Mazda2 facelift has found its way to ASEAN via Thailand. The second major update to the Mazda2 since its 2014 launch, it’s being made available with two distinct exterior styling trims to help owners “express their individuality.”

The first, and the most visually offensive Mazda2 made features a closed-off grille that’s available either in body-color or in a (cringe) contrasting color. The second, and the more palatable of the two, has a high-gloss honeycomb grille. Either way, the front bumper is new with a frowning lower intake.

New wheel designs and colors—Aero Gray and Airstream Blue—complete the changes. Thailand also gets two special editions, the Rookie Drive and Clap Pop which have high-contrast elements and decals.

Inside, the refreshed Mazda2 now has either black or colored dashboard panels which match the exterior color. Perhaps the only welcome change here is the larger 8-inch infotainment screen.

For the Thailand market, the Mazda2 retains the services of the 1.3-liter Skyactiv-G gasoline engine (93 horsepower and 123 Nm) and the 1.5-liter Skyactiv-D diesel engine (105 horsepower and 250 Nm). Both are paired to a 6-speed automatic.

With the Philippines sourcing its Mazda2 from Thailand, this serves as a sign to would-be buyers to snag the current model before it switches to this rather unfortunately designed update.


  1. Caption of the article alone is the reason why this site is the best in the Philippines

    1. i can already imagine caco sugar coating the hell out of it

  2. New CX-60, CX-90, and this refreshed 2 are proof that even Mazda's designers have run out of ideas.

  3. Honda: what have you done mazda?

    Mazda: yes... Just like your new jazz..

    Both: cheers! jdm numbawan!!!

  4. With its nice engine, transmission and good handling its fun to drive, so Maybe the correct term is FUGLY😂😂😂

  5. it's weirdly cute. It's like a Kabuki Mask :D

  6. Should have called it Mazda Mustache instead.

  7. What the. That white closed-off grille contrasting the body paint reminds me of "may gatas pa sa labi". Maybe just like the designer who probably doesn't know what they have done to this facelift.


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