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June 25, 2023

The Hyundai HD 78 GT Truck Comes With Power Take-Off

Did you know that you can extend the versatility of the Hyundai HD 78 GT with the Power Take-off (PTO) feature?

PTO is a gearbox that channels power from the engine to make auxiliary equipment work. This gives your truck added versatility beyond its usual hauling function. Energy that would have been wasted is harnessed to perform a variety of functions that brings added value to your business.

PTO makes it possible to operate, among many, mowers, wood chippers, water pumps, generators, compressors, blowers, carpet-cleaning vacuums, the winch on a tow truck, the hydraulic lift of a car transporter, mechanical arms, like the auger on the end of a truck, a loader crane, a man lifter for inspecting power lines, the bed of a dump truck, and a whole range of farming equipment.

For the smart operator, this spells savings as you don’t have to shell out extra money to have one installed for you. Plus, you get a valuable accessory that will enhance your service offerings and command better profit for your business.

With a longer deck, the HD78 GT already promises maximum versatility. The medium wheelbase (MWB) boasts load space of up to 15 feet, the long wheel base (LWB), up to 18 feet, and the extra-long wheel base (ELWB), up to 19.5 feet. In addition, you can ride confidently through tough roads even at maximum load because it is built from the famed Hyundai high strength steel.

Best of all, you get all those features at most affordable price points since the Hyundai HD78 GT is one of the industry’s more affordable trucks in its class.

Developed to meet global standards for trucks of its category, the Hyundai HD78 GT is a truck of all trades that’s designed and built to bring in maximum profit to owner/operators.

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