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June 13, 2023

This Is The World's First Publicly Available Sustainable Fuel And It's Not Cheap

The world’s first publicly available sustainable fuel goes on sale, and it won’t be cheap. Coryton, a UK-based fuel specialist has just released its Sustain Classic range—a sustainable gasoline designed for vintage and classic cars, but can be used by regular, run-of-the-mill automobiles.

Compared to regular fossil fuels, it promises a reduction of at least 65 percent greenhouse gas emissions and is made up of at least 33 percent and at most 80 percent sustainable content, depending on the product.

The Coryton Sustain Classic range uses advanced second-generation biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste, such as straw, by-products, or waste from crops which wouldn’t be used for consumption. By doing so, the fuel utilizes the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere, which the plants absorb as they grow, recycling it, rather than releasing additional CO2 that is currently locked underground in fossil fuel.

With an octane number more than 98 RON and bio-ethanol content of less than 1 percent, Sustain Classic also comes with an additive package which stabilizes and extends the life of the fuel and helps clean and protect the engines.

The Sustain Classic line starts with the Super 80 which is made up of 80 percent renewable content, delivering greenhouse gas (GHG) savings of more than 65 percent compared to fossil fuels. This 98 RON fuel is priced at £4.65 (P 326.85) per liter. Moving up, there’s the Super 33 which is made up of 33 percent renewable content. This one delivers GHG savings of 25 percent compared to regular gasoline and is priced at £3.80 (P 267.11) per liter. Finally, there’s Racing 50. This 102 RON fuel is created using 50 percent renewable content, and delivers GHG savings of 35 percent. Price? A cool £5.24 (P 368.33) per liter.

For comparison, the average fuel price in the UK is around 143.04 pence or around P 100.67 per liter. This makes the Sustain Classic roughly 2.3 times more expensive than regular pump gas.

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