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May 16, 2024

LTO Issues New Special Number Plate Format As Combinations Run Out

The Land Transportation Office or LTO has issued a new format for Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates or OMVSPs. This as the agency confirms that they have exhausted all possible two and three number MV license plate combinations.

In Memorandum Circular VDM-2024-2614, the LTO is amending Section 4 of Administrative Order 2022-040 and Memorandum Circular 2022-2335. 

As a result, new vehicle owners who would like to have some degree of customization to their vehicle number plates can only go with one of two routes:
  • Any three (3) alpha combination + quadruple numeric except 0000
  • Any three (3) alpha combination + any four numeric combination which are not yet issued as series
In both cases, new vehicle owners will have to shell out an additional P 35,000 for their preferred OMVSP.

Previously, the LTO offered three tiers of OMVSPs: three alpha + three numeric, three alpha + two numeric, and three alpha + four numeric.


  1. I think the price is actually quite low. Considering that the target market for this is the entitled nouveau riche, they should have priced it at 70k.

  2. What about for scooters and MC will there be a special plates also?


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