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May 29, 2024

Mazda Says Rotary Engine Is Central To Their Carbon Neutrality Plans

Mazda will continue to develop its trademark rotary engine even in the era of electrification. This was revealed in a joint press conference along with Subaru and Toyota. The three automakers have committed themselves to develop new internal combustion engines, while others including Nissan and Honda, are set to abandon them altogether.

For Mazda’s part, they believe that their rotary engine will play a key role in their carbon neutrality goals acting as a generator for their EVs.

Currently, the technology is already in used in the MX-30 Rotary-EV. While the electric motor drives the wheels (170 horsepower, 260 Nm), an ultra-compact single-rotor rotary engine is used to generate energy. It can also be plugged like a conventional EV. Displacing 830 cc, it makes 74 horsepower at 4,500 rpm and 112 Nm at 4,500 rpm. It’s also small enough to be positioned in the same axle as the high output motor.

From here, Mazda is moving ahead with the development of a two-rotary system for a possible use in its sportscars (likely a production version of its Iconic SP). Longitudinally mounted, it will be able to generate more power while still realizing a low center of gravity. The increase in displacement, the carmaker says, will also improve its vibrations and emissions.

The compact size of the rotary will also contribute to more aerodynamically efficient cars. The compact size will allow designers and engineers a large degree of freedom for engine layouts. They reckon their vehicles will see a 10 percent reduction in air resistance. The bonus? Sleeker styling.

Finally, the unique structural features of the rotary engine will help Mazda simplify its engine line-up. For instance, the rotary system is known to work with a wide array of carbon neutral fuels (omnivorous)—both liquid and gaseous such as bioethanol, biodiesel, and even methane and hydrogen. This is something the carmaker has experimented on as early as the 1990s. Mating it a stronger electric motor may help reduce emissions by as much as 75 percent.


  1. Long live the rotary engine

  2. Rotary engine wont drive the wheels though.....just works like a Nissan Kicks e-Power.

  3. Counterintuitive. It'll just eat oil as usual.

    1. Rotary engine has never been about good fuel economy. It's always about good performance.

    2. Not talking about fuel economy. I'm talking about the fact that it eats freaking oil. And that's considered normal for these junk engines.

  4. Mazda tend to over promise like the skyactiv x. It was quietly discontinued because real world results did not live up to mazda revolutionary promisesm. Here we go again with the rotary. We all know how reliable and efficient rotary engines are that is why nobodybuses them good luck


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