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May 15, 2024

Honda, IBM To Collaborate On Upcoming Vehicle Chipsets, Software

Honda and IBM will work together on the development of next-generation computing technologies to improve vehicle software processing capability, power consumption, and design complexity. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on that matter.

The MOU covers joint research and development of specialized equipment including “brain-inspired computing” and chipset technologies that will vastly improve processing performance while also decreasing power consumption. Hardware and software co-optimization will be made to ensure a faster time to market while also offering additional flexibility.

The application of intelligence or AI technologies is expected to accelerate widely in 2030 and beyond, creating new opportunities for the development of software-defined vehicles. Both Honda and IBM anticipate that this will dramatically increase the design complexity, processing performance, and corresponding power consumption of semiconductors compared to conventional mobility products. To solve anticipated challenges and realize highly-competitive SDVs, it’s critical to develop capabilities in the independent research and development of next-generation computing technologies.

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  1. Subaru with AMD. Honda with IBM. Which is better?


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