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May 19, 2024

Electric Vehicle Owners Society Held First Meetup This 2024

The Electric Vehicle Owners Society (EVOS) celebrated their 11th meetup, marking the first gathering of the year for the EV community. Held at Caltex Mamplasan and Lakeshore Batangas, the event brought together a remarkable assembly of 30 electric vehicles (EVs) representing various makes and models.

The meetup served as a platform for EV enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and discuss the latest developments in the electric vehicle industry. Among the distinguished guests was DOE Director Patrick Aquino, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting sustainable transportation initiatives.

Ferdi Raquelsantos, President of EVOS, expressed his excitement about the record-breaking turnout, stating, “We are thrilled to see the EV community come together in such large numbers for our 11th meetup. This event underscores the growing interest and enthusiasm for electric vehicles in the Philippines.”

Representatives from automotive brands, including BYD, MG, Autohub, Ecomax, EvoxTerra, Auto Access, and PESIN, were also in attendance.

The meetup commenced at Caltex Mamplasan, where participants gathered before embarking on a scenic convoy to Lakeshore Batangas. Rommel Juan, Chairman of EVAP, and Edmund Araga, President of EVAP, co-organized the event, highlighting EVAP’s dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Rommel Juan, EVAP Chairman, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, stating, “We are proud to co-organize this event with EVOS and showcase the collective efforts of our organizations in driving the adoption of electric vehicles. Together, we are working towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

Naer Pizarro, alongside Rommel Juan, served as hosts for the event, ensuring that participants had an enjoyable and enriching experience throughout the meetup.


  1. Are the more popular EVs like Porsche Taycan, Nissan Leaf, BMW iX, and the likes included? Also are HEVs and PHEVs included?

  2. I'm wondering why no article have been written about potential health hazards of owning/driving/setting inside EV's and hybrid.


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