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May 19, 2024

Omoda 5 Snapping Rear Axle Is Widespread

UPDATE: Read the response of O&J Philippines country manager here.

Vaporware car manufacturer Omoda might have a bit of trouble even before their vehicles start arriving (allegedly) by the second half of 2024. The reason? Rear axles that simply snap off.

Malaysia, where the Omoda 5 is sold as the Chery Omoda 5, is having 600 units proactively recalled due to a rear axle that would simply snap and break off like a KitKat chocolate bar.

In its investigation, Omoda (Chery) discovered that a worn-out tip of an automated welding machine at the supplier of the rear axle assembly had been replaced with a new tip but the equipment had not been recalibrated. This means the rear trailing arm may not have been welded securely in place. 10 percent of the affected VINs are confirmed to have the problem.

Now, it seems the issue isn’t just isolated to Malaysia as the same issue has now popped up in Indonesia as well.

Here, 420 units are affected by the very same issue and Chery has decided to recall all these units. Thankfully, no injury or death connected to the axle issue has been reported in Indonesia.

In both cases—Malaysia and Indonesia—the Omoda 5 units sold were locally assembled using CKD kits from so-called “super factories” in China. This points to a more widespread issue surrounding the Omoda 5 vehicle itself. With O&J (Omoda and Jaecoo) ramping up their pre-selling activities, including test drives, in the coming months, the timing couldn’t be much worse.

Before this rear axle issue, Chery Australia issued a recall of 5,901 units of the Omoda 5 due to a manufacturing defect. The bolt securing the brake pipe union may not have been tightened sufficiently which could cause the brake fluid to leak and result in reduced braking performance.

On a more positive note, because O&J has yet to sell any cars after more than a year of promises, perhaps they can rectify the issue even before the first customer units arrive here, if at all.


  1. China quality standard

  2. Here before the sales agents of those chipipay cars post comments that say the chinese junk vehicles they are selling are more reliable than a toyota lmao

  3. Mas mabilis takbo ng car body kaysa gulong sa likod.

  4. Made in China cars are really subpar. Don't know if they will try to improve or stay the same. If they want to stay cheap in terms of pricing their products, probably their quality will stay the same. You get what you pay for.

  5. New Mini Cooper will be made in China. Better think twice before you buy one.

  6. Id rather pay more and buy a second hand jap car rather than those cheap chinese junks.

    1. Same mindset as buying a used made in Japan truck vs. made in china brand new truck. Almost same price but different quality.

  7. Haste makes waste, fast pace with out rigourous testing. Test units should have at least 250k miles test run on different roads condition b4 serial production.

  8. Kawawa Ang makakabili Ng unit na yan. After morethan a year of too much publicity of its units it seems Omoda&Jaecoo vehicles are not going to be sold until this redicolous story are not to be resolved.

  9. on a side note, does mayor guo of bamban tarlac has chinese cars in her line-up of expensive luxury cars?


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