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May 8, 2024

Geely Leads As Chinese Brands Corner 33 Percent Of Global New Car Sales For Q1 2024

According to Chinese industry data, there are around 150 active Chinese car brands. All in all, they have managed to move 8.15 million units or around 33 percent of global passenger vehicle sales last March 2024. This, based on statistics released by the China Passenger Car Association or CPCA.

In the first quarter of 2024, 21.05 million vehicles were sold worldwide—a three percent increase compared to the same period last year. Geely was the only automaker from China to make it into the Top 10 list for the quarter with 738,400 vehicles sold or a 3.5 percent of the global market. In China, it held a 2 percent market share.

BYD was just behind it in 11th, claiming a 3.2 percent share of the global market (it had nine percent of the Chinese market, making it the best performing domestic brand), while Chery was a step behind in 12th, securing three percent globally (three percent share in China).

Other Chinese automakers in the global Top 20 mix were Changan, which was 15th overall with a 2.6 percent market share (eight percent in China), and SAIC which was 16th with 1.7 percent (four percent in China).

Toyota remained the world’s number one automaker with a market share of 10.6 percent. Second is Volkswagen (9.5 percent), Hyundai was third with 7.4 percent. These three alone combined for a 27.5 percent share of the global sales market for the first quarter. Stellantis, with a 6.9 percent share, was placed fourth. In fifth was the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, with 6.5 percent, while General Motors was placed sixth, with a 5.4 percent share of the market. Next, was Honda and Ford, seventh and eighth respectively, both having 4.7 percent of the market. Meanwhile, a 4 percent share was good enough to secure ninth place for Suzuki.

The CPCA data also revealed the Top Five Chinese auto exporters in the first quarter of 2024: SAIC (126,053 units), Chery (117,719 units), Great Wall Motor (77,935 units), BYD (51,138 units), and Geely (46,752 units).


  1. Geely has good quality, the probs here in ph is all gèely products were olds/outdated models.

  2. gusto ko makita yung top reliable local brand in china automotive not in car sales percentage.

  3. Congratulations Geely 👏👏
    Products of Geely are safe,reliable and affordable 👍👍

  4. I agree that geely has good products but mostly old. Geely's newest offering is the gx3 pro which is old.

  5. Problema ng geely dito is Sojitz. Bulok eh.

  6. Sojits wants those oldies models because it's cheaper. Buy low sell high strategy

  7. Geely Philippines really wants to sell the updated Okavango and Starray in the Philippine market
    Sadly it won't happen yet as Geely won't produce export market versions of updated Okavango and Starray with 1.5 liter turbo engine..Export market versions of those SUVs are only available in 2.0 liter turbocharged engine.
    Geely Philippines also wants to sell the updated Coolray in the Philippine market..The only trouble is that it'll likely be more expensive due to its new engine and updated safety features


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