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May 29, 2024

Your First Look At The 2025 Crosstrek With Subaru's Next-Generation Hybrid System

This is your first official look at the 2025 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid—one that uses a Toyota-derived full hybrid system.

Subaru’s hybrid system will marry the brand’s horizontally-opposed Boxer engine with a series-parallel hybrid developed with the help of Toyota.

Compared to the current e-Boxer system, wherein the electric motor and generator merely acts as an assist (parallel system), the new system will automatically switch between series and parallel modes depending on which one’s most efficient.

Although the hybrid technology is pretty much from Toyota, Subaru says their unique packaging will allow the system to inherent the “Subaru difference.” Chief among them is the symmetrical layout of the transaxle Subaru Next-Generation Hybrid. The internal combustion engine, generator motor, and drive motor are all situated at the center of the vehicle. 

Since they’re all positioned along the same line as the propeller shaft, it will give these hybrid Subarus balanced handling characteristics. And because of its unique packaging, Subaru’s hybrids will have a fuel tank equivalent to that of a traditional internal combustion engine car.

Subaru is already in fast developing these next-generation hybrid transaxle systems with their Kitamoto plant already undergoing renovations. By the latter half of 2024, the production of Subaru’s next-generation hybrids will commence with a possible market launch by sometime 2025.

Beyond the launch of this strong hybrid system, Subaru says they will also expand their offerings to include Plug-In Hybrids (PHEV) to offer choices for diverse customers.

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