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May 23, 2024

BAIC Philippines Signs 8 Dealer Partners, Starts Retail Sales By June

BAIC, which made its public launch at last month’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), signed eight dealer group partners to help them grow their retail and service network. These are: ANGs Automotive Group (Iloilo), Angcore Motor Group (Davao), AutoSpeedyGo Group (Marilao), Automotive Icon Inc. (Alabang), Autonomics Motor Corp (Tuguegarao), Laus Auto Group (Pampanga), Magnet Motors (Cagayan De Oro), and Oro Autoworld (Zamboanga). The dealerships are set to commence sales operations by the month of June.

“We are excited to mark this new growth in UAAGI’s nationwide dealership network and we acknowledge the support of our roster of distinguished BAIC Philippines dealer partners,” says UAAGI Chairman Rommel L. Sytin.

UAAGI and its dealers are positioned to introduce the BAIC brand to the Filipino motoring public with its impressive SUV lineup and advanced technology paired with UAAGI’s brand of specialized customer service,” said UAAGI Chairman Rommel Sytin.

Alongside Chairman Sytin present at the event were Group Managing Director Froilan Dytianquin, Lyn Manalansang Buena, Chief Marketing Executive, and Christopher David Yu, BAIC Brand Head and General Manager.

“Having eight major dealer groups commit to our new brand is certainly an auspicious start for BAIC and UAAGI. We can’t wait for Filipinos to experience firsthand the characteristics and capabilities of our world-class SUV models,” remarked Froilan Dytianquin, BAIC Philippines Managing Director.

BAIC stands as a formidable player in the global market, boasting a diverse portfolio of products. Its esteemed status as a Fortune Global 500 company, ranking 193rd in 2023, is underscored by its performance as the 3rd largest player in the Chinese automotive industry. With a vast network comprising over 360 sales and service outlets, BAIC has cemented its global footprint across 30 countries spanning Asia, America, and Europe.

Setting BAIC apart from the burgeoning number of new automotive brands in the Philippines is its true 4x4 SUV models with genuine off-road capabilities and strong yet fuel-efficient diesel engines. These attributes will surely appeal to executives and entrepreneurs who live active lifestyles and who want and need large, spacious, high-riding diesel-powered SUVs for out of town trips. 

The initial lineup of BAIC models introduced in the Philippine market will be composed of an all-SUV-and-crossover range. These are the B40 Ragnar, B60 Beaumont, B80 Wagon, which are all body-on-frame true SUVs, and the X55 Verve and X7 Grandeza monocoque crossovers.

All BAIC vehicles are made in the company’s world-class state-of-the-art fully automated plants in Shunyi, Beijing. These vehicles have contemporary styling and modern comfort, convenience and safety features. As a testament to BAIC’s quality, all BAIC automobiles come with a 5-year warranty.


  1. BAIC Alabang already started its operations and sales last month
    They've already sold B40 and B80 units.

  2. High prices, low quality

  3. The most attractive unit by BAIC is the X55 Crossover at 1.3M . Others will stack in garage and showroom. UAAGI management are dreaming Hi. They are expecting too much with expensive SRP.

    1. Best selling vehicle of BAIC right now is the B40 and B80 4X4 SUVs
      BAIC Alabang already sold BAIC B40 and B80 units last month and this month
      X55 isn't that popular as it looks bland even though its much better than the DNGA Yaris Cross

    2. Selling well???

    3. BAIC X55 much better than yaris cross??? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Price is expensive for new brand which is still not known in Philippines

    1. Prices of BAIC SUVs are just fine
      X55 and X7 are loaded with really good safety features
      BAIC B60 is a 7 seater diesel powered 4X4 SUV loaded with really good safety features
      BAIC B40 is the best selling BAIC SUV in the country right now as wealthy 4X4 SUV enthusiasts from Alabang and Cavite love the looks and affordable pricing of the SUV

    2. Your making up stories. Wealthy SUV enthusiasts has high pride and ego, wont buy a low quality, low prestige china brand SUV 4x4. They would go for high prestige, legendary euro brand, jeep and bronco. after all they are wealthy and prices are not an issue to them, prestige and safety it is.

  5. Unless you live in Manila cannot get service or spare parts even after 4 years of buying BAIC brand B50 s 8 seater . Buy Toyota instead . Be safe not sorry like me !’

  6. No where to service or buy spare parts in Philippines B50 s purchased 2020 in Makati .


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